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Chapter 43:
The following day, Dark Adam was pacing around the rooms.
Light Adam, was sitting on his comfy couch reading a book
about two lovers who were completely different but the found
love for one another and so far it seemed to be working out.
It took a while for Light Adam to notice that Dark Adam was
pacing.  He blinked at him before he asked
"Dark. Are you ok?"
Dark Adam seemed to jump as if startled by being asked that
"Yeah. I am ok Light."
"Are you sure?" Light Adam asked raising an eye brow "Your
pacing around a lot. Is there something on your mind or what?"
"Its nothing Light. Really."
"Dark I have been around you for a long time. Something is
on your mind."
Dark Adam didn't know how he should word this for Light
Adam or even if he should tell him at all. Dark Adam was
pacing because he was restless. He was growing wary of
the same walls day after day. Even with Light Adam around
it was still getting to be too much. Dark Adam felt like
he was coming down with cabin fever.
"Its just I want to know what is beyond those windows,
Light. I like being here with you but I need more room to
move. I want fresh air. I feel stuck here."  
"Dark I do not know what is beyond the windows. Even
if there IS something out there, how would you get out?
There are no doors to the outside."
"I know." Dark Adam sighed and sat down on his couch.

That night, after Light Adam was sound asleep, Dark Adam
went under his bed and got out that box that his stuffed dog
, Ocean was in. He opened it up. He didn't reach for Ocean,
but instead a black leather bound book with a black ink pen
on top of it. It had a black ribbon keeping it closed.
Dark Adam sat on his bed and untied the ribbon. Once that
was done he opened up the book. Inside were all poems
that Dark Adam had written in the darkness of the night
so as to keep it hidden from Light Adam.
He opened to the nearest clean page and picked up
the pen. He then started to write out a poem.
*The walls are closing in. Same surroundings everyday. I
feel like I am in a cage. Just a bird in a cage. No way out.
No way to escape.* Dark skipped a line and then wrote
*I feel like I am suffocating. Suffocating on the recycled
air in this room. I feel restless. Restless like a caged
tiger. Ready to pounce, at a chance to escape.* Dark
skipped another line. *I cannot bear this any longer.
Where is the way out? What is beyond the threshold
of these walls? I am desperate to find out.*
Dark Adam after he got done writing the poem,
he closed the book and then tied it back up. He put
it on the nightstand not thinking about if Light Adam
would see it or not.
 Dark Adam looked at his side window. A thought occurred to
him. Windows had two sides. So if Dark Adam could kick
the window and break it, there would be a way to see what
was outside.
Dark Adam smiled at this thought. Freedom would come, and
he could take Light Adam with him. Though knowing Light
Adam, he would probably freak out. Dark Adam would still
take Light Adam with him to be free.
At this very thought, Dark Adam  moved his bed a bit and
then lifted his heeled boot and kicked the window. Making
it shatter into many pieces.
Don't own Adam or the music video for BTIKM

YES I DID go through and used spell check this time. Sorry if the grammar still sucks though.
Well give me feed back please :)
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Katherine1995 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
I somehow knew that he would go for the window. :D
Isabelcats Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Well that is the only way to get out. :) What did you think of Darks little hobby there xD.
Katherine1995 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Yup. It is. :)
And I like it. xD
Isabelcats Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
I am glad you do. I got the ohter one n the works right now.
Katherine1995 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Yay~ Can't wait to get to read it. :la:
Isabelcats Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
I know xD I am glad that you like my writing. My dad read the glampire glambats one and he said ti was really good.
Katherine1995 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
It is really good. Your dad's right. :)
Isabelcats Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
He of course said that my spelling sucked and so did my grammar but I alredy knew that. I get hounded out all the time in teh chat rooms for it. Oh and in the next chapter of the next fan fic I am posting we get to see some of wht gos on in Tommy smind xD.
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